Immaculate Miniature Scale

Crafting keychains often calls for acute attention to minute details. Our silicone keychain molds bring your intricate designs to life, capturing even the tiniest embellishments effortlessly.

Innovative Design

Why limit yourself to basic circles or rectangles? With our Silicone keychain molds, you can opt for multi-faceted designs, incorporating elements that make your keychains one-of-a-kind collectibles.


While our molds are superbly suited for resin keychain molds, their versatility extends to multiple materials. You can cast with epoxy, urethane, or even polymer clay, which expands your creative boundaries.

No Cracks, No Breaks

One of the dreaded moments in the crafting process is demolding, especially when your design features tricky details. Our silicone keychain molds have enhanced flexibility, making your creations come out unscathed.

Hot and Cold Casting

Now, you can work with both low-melt alloys or cold-casting materials, for our keychain resin molds can withstand a broad range of temperatures, offering you greater flexibility in your choice of casting materials.


From commemorating special events to promoting your brand, our silicone keychain molds can be customized for specific themes or occasions, rendering each keychain a distinct piece of art.

Pre-Made Holes and Loops

Forget the hassle of drilling holes post-casting. Our resin keychain molds come with pre-made holes and loops, reducing additional manual work and letting you focus on the artistic aspects of your project.

A Crafting Enterprise Solution

Do you have large-scale crafting needs? Our keychain resin molds are high-quality and can be produced in bulk, making them a cost-effective solution for every user.