Beyond Basics

If you are in the market for creating unique neckpieces, our custom silicone necklace molds are precisely what you are looking for. Far from generic, each mold can accommodate intricate pendant designs and complex geometries, allowing you to craft silicone necklaces with unparalleled artistry.

One Mold, Many Materials

While our focus is on silicone necklace molds, it is worth noting that these molds can also be used with a variety of casting materials besides silicone. From epoxy resins to ceramics, your crafting possibilities are expansive.

Zero Shrinkage

Where crafting is concerned, the accuracy of dimensions is vital. That is where our silicone necklace molds come in. The molds are formulated to exhibit zero shrinkage so that your silicone necklace retains its intended size and form after demolding.


Crafting need not come at the cost of the environment. Our Silicone necklace molds are created using eco-friendly materials that are recyclable. Now, you can create a silicone necklace that aligns with sustainable practices.

Complex yet Durable

The longevity of a mold is paramount, especially when intricate designs are involved. Our silicone necklace molds are fashioned to withstand repeated use without tearing, making them a cost-effective investment for both hobbyists and professional artists.

Minimal Post-Processing

Time is precious for anyone, more so for a crafter. The smooth interior of each silicone necklace mold ensures that your silicone necklace comes out ready to wear, with minimal need for sanding or polishing.

Temperature Resilience

Whether you are working with high-temperature molten materials or cold-setting resins, our silicone necklace molds are resilient to a wide range of temperatures. This adds an extra layer of convenience and safety to your crafting process.

Ready to Showcase

For those looking for a quicker crafting journey, our molds come with built-in clasp cavities. This unique feature means you can directly cast clasps into your silicone necklace, eliminating the need for additional assembly.

Weather-Proof Material

Whether it is the humidity of summer or the dryness of winter, our molds are weather-proof, ensuring consistency in your crafting process year-round.

Inclusivity in Crafting

Our range of silicone necklace molds comes in multiple sizes, making them suitable for crafting children’s jewelry as well as adult pieces. A silicone necklace for every age is now a possibility.